You know what your dream house should look like.
We know how to build your dream house so that it will make you happy for many years to come.
We will provide you with a house design, the necessary project documentation and help you choose the most suitable contractors for the construction.


  1. We will come and personally have a look at the land of your new house, or at the place where your house for reconstruction is currently situated and provide you with a photo documentation of its current state. If necessary, we can also obtain a geodetic survey of the land and a survey of the current house.
  2. We will analyze your needs, ideas and requirements and together make a create a design brief of your future house.
  3. We will prepare a first draft design, which includes a basic concept of the house’s location on the land and internal layout of the house (entrances, driveways, patio entrances, views).
    Architectural concept (Preview)
  4. Based on the finalized concept we will elaborate the detailed layout of the house.
    Layout plan (Preview)
  5. As part of the architectural study, we will also design the architectural model of the house with material and fabric design, which includes 3D visualizations of the house.
    Architectural model of the house (Preview)
  6. Comprehensive completion of the architectural study also includes:
    • drawing of the situation
    • floor plans of the site
    • sections and views of the house

Here you can find a sample design study of a family house: SAMPLE DESIGN STUDY OF A FAMILY HOUSE

DUE DELIVERY DATE 8 – 12 weeks based on the size and complexity of the project


  1. Elaboration of the architectural study up to the necessary details for obtaining the building permit:
    • architectural and construction part including
    • fire safety of the building – one-stage project
    • static assessment
    • electrical installation project
    • heating system project
    • health engineering project (water and sewerage system)
    • energy assessment
  1. Estimated costs for construction realization:
    • bill of quantities
      budget for the execution of the construction
  1. Documentation for realization of the construction works:
    • architectural-construction part – elaboration to scale for realization of the construction
    • details, construction lists – windows, doors, plumbing and locksmith products
    • construction statics


If you are looking for a reliable partner for the entire realization of the project, use our realization management service. We will draw up your budget, recommend the most suitable suppliers and ensure the best prices.

  1. TOTAL BUDGET PREPARATION – we will request price quotations from suppliers and prepare a comprehensive budget for you.
  2. CHOOSING MATERIALS AND COLORS – we will prepare samples of materials, paints, wallpapers and item and together we will agree on the final selection.
  3. ORDERING GOODS AND SERVICES – after approving the budget, we will prepare orders with suppliers and validate payment and terms of delivery.
  4. SCHEDULING THE REALIZATION PROCESS– we will agree on the beginning and completion of the realization with the suppliers as well as the individual sequence of the steps of the delivery of goods and services.
  5. SUPERVISION OVER THE REALIZATION PROCESS– we monitor the realization process continually; we supervise over the delivery of the goods. We also oversee whether the contractors carry out the works in line with particular orders. Throughout the entire process of realization, we inform our clients about the development and suggest the most suitable solutions in case of any problems.
  6. REPORTING AND TAKING THE DELIVERY – our clients can rely on us as we verify the delivery dates and check the deadlines and prices of the goods and works. Likewise, our clients do not need to collect goods from individual suppliers.

In order to supervise the process of realization, we use the latest technologies and camera systems.


We will create you a new garden plan to make your living space just according to your expectations.

Project contains:

  • situation
  • layout drawing
  • stakeout drawing
  • irrigation system
  • details of orchard design
  • drawing of technical parts
  • dimensions statement – basis for the budget for the company carrying out the project